About us

Welcome to the world of AmiGuru. Where quirkiness, cuteness and yarn combine to create amigurumi themed greeting cards and gifts for all.  Home of The Dead Thread™ - the creepy and cute zombies and our latest range: A**G** (coming soon!) who are possibly the most kawaii, adorable and cheerful gang of friends you've ever seen.

Becky zombie All of the characters and dolls are designed and created here, in North Yorkshire England, by us; Rebecca, Paul, baby G and Willow the Wolf. We have travelled the world extensively and have lived in three different countries. Those influences and journeys inspire our creativity and work enormously. From the street art in Barcelona to the inimitable kawaii culture in Japan. Did you know that amigurumi (ami-gu-rumi) is Japanese and translates as small hand knitted or crocheted toy? While we're talking about the name, AmiGuru, was born from the description of the art that we design and produce but also the Guru part is significant since I have designed and taught crochet for many years. It gave me huge satisfaction and pride when my students learnt (and got addicted to) crochet (inserts devil smiling emoji).

Paul zombieI could rattle on for forever about our inspiration and our passions but for now I'll reserve that for the blog - so if you'd like to really immerse yourself in everything AmiGuru and see what we get up to on a daily basis you can follow us on Instagram HERE and Facebook HERE. You can also sign up to our newsletter for all exclusive new products, special offers and events!