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Pre-apocalypse. I thought I'd start with The Dead Thread Back Story. 


Ghost illustration card The Dead ThreadPaul (my significant other) is a dedicated, unflinching, horror movie fan. He's a movie buff in general if i'm honest, but we'll stay with the horror topic for now. So every time he's watching a horror movie I will be nowhere whatsoever to be seen. End of. I got tricked into watching I Know What You Did Last Summer in my late teens and NEVER AGAIN. I accidentally watched Carrie and The Stand too, instead of doing my homework, which resulted in me having the landing light left on for the next month.


Geisha Kyoto Gion Osaka JapanMe, myself, Rebecca, loves everything cute, fun, fluffy and sparkly. Many years ago I worked for a popular Middle Eastern airline in Dubai, you know the one,  and I used to LOVE getting the east asian routes so i could totally geek out with all the kawaii stuff that you could find just every where. I finally managed to get a KIX - an Osaka flight to the non-flying world - the golden egg of my entire flying career. I was lucky to fly with a girl I knew quite well and we'd planned pretty much every minute of our 28 hour Japanese layover. We caught the bullet train from Osaka to Kyoto. I was obsessed with Geisha and Japanese culture in general at this point so I was just having constant out of body experiences for the next 6 hours or so. I think the out of body experiences may also have been due to the traditional Japanese lunch we devoured with real Sake. Wow that was a challenging train ride back to Osaka, but that's another story... Take away facts 1. Loves anything cute. 2. Loves Japanese art and culture. 3. Can't stand horror movies.


creative art craft crochet studio Back to 3 years ago. We'd lived in Barcelona as a family and our artistic juices were overflowing with inspiration from the modernist city of Gaudí et al. I was particularly taken with the street art and urban art vibe that Barcelona is so rich in. Three years ago I had a super cute creative studio that I worked out of creating crochet patterns and teaching crochet classes. One evening during this time Paul was watching an episode of a famous zombie apocalypse TV show and I was sitting next to him crocheting amigurumis and eating chocolate (most probably). After a while I started to get drawn into the zombie show as I started to like the characters and found post-apocalyptic survival fascinating. What I absolutely 100% didn't like was the graphic horror. The worst possible thing my retinas have processed. For me, it plain spoiled a good TV show, but I get it...zombies gotta eat etc etc. So I was hooked on the show (but not the graphic horror - cue cushion hiding). 


WIP work in progress crochet studio zombiesSo whilst crocheting my cute kawaii amigurumis I designed a cute and creepy clown and then a granny...  so the motley crew of The Dead Thread (& Brian the Brain) were created! Cute 'n' creepy crocheted zombies! I design my dolls based on people and things that I either like or have influenced me in some way. We lived and worked in Malta for the last 2 years and really got into the urban decay thing and filled our boots (and camera rolls) with photos of peeling, decaying and abandoned architecture and some pretty freaky dolls came out too. So if I make a zombie doll that you think looks a little like you... then I must like you ^.^ 




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