Everything Changes, Even You.

After watching a week lasts’ episode of the Walking Dead (the one where Rick leaves/dies/gets saved/kidnapped), it got me thinking about change and disruption.

As fans of the show we follow several related social media and it was interesting to watch the fans’ reaction play out since it was announced Andrew Lincoln was leaving the show to his final* episode broadcast last week.

Fake NewsI feel that the reaction was much akin to grief. First there’s disbelief and often hysterics, then anger and eventually acceptance and peace. The show will go on. But it will be different - it has to be. The characters will change - because they must.At first there was outrage, hysterics and some anger, then speculation of how or if the show could go on. Panic! I was initially in the camp of ‘It’s Rick’s Story’ – how can it go on without him? I love all the Walking Dead characters. I think it’s extremely well cast and the characters are portrayed brilliantly.

Skipton SummerThere’s so much beauty in the leaves that are falling right now, and while it seems like nothing’s happening during winter, new life will blossom in spring and it will be the most beautiful one you’ve seen yet. Have faith in what’s to come and accept what has passed :) BThe world and our lives are always changing, and after you’ve grieved and accepted it, you will change too – because you must.


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